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Founded in 2019, By Steven Provost for a group of people who wish to make their websites better

Page Updated 8/2/2023

WordPress Special Interest Group

What we talk about at our meetings


This group is led by Steven Provost. Each meeting will be comprised of a lecture / teaching portion and a troubleshooting / discussion portion. Meeting themes will include topics such as themes, plugins, security, contact forms, graphics, media, post and page tweaks, incorporating social media accounts, maintenance and anything else that comes along. The goal is to delve deeper into using WordPress and find new ways of getting more out of WordPress. Feel free to bring your specific topic or question, and we’ll try to include it. Please RSVP to join our WordPress SIG meeting at  so we can be prepared for the number of attendees.

  • WordPress Group – Personal Website Workday                                        (We help our group members with their websites)
  • WordPress Beginner Workshops                                                        (Building WordPress Websites- how to design a website)
  • Attend WordPress  Community Events                                         (WordPress Camps,  Other Misc Events)

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Our Next Meeting will be held on

Notice 8/1/2023

Currently On Summer Recess until September

  • Who: Beginner,  Intermediate, Professional User of WordPress, All Are Welcome
  • Meeting Time: 9:00 Am to 10:30 Am (Eastern Standard Time)
  • Meeting Location: Zoom Video Conferencing Software

* If you have a WordPress product that you would like to give us a demo of please contact the WordPress Group Leaders below

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