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The Boston Network Users Group was Established in 1986

Our Next Meeting will be held on Tue, May 7, 2024

  • April Meeting Topic: Drew on Chromebooks:
    Drew will begin with a basic introduction to Chromebooks, and how they differ from a Windows/Linux/Mac PC. He’ll then take us on a wild trip into the world of Android and Linux software.
    For most people, Chromebooks are just a web browser device. Drew turns Chromebooks into a multi-dimensional machine: browser, Android software, and running Linux GUI applications. Linux software transforms a Chromebook into a true Desktop PC!
    A lot of people might be iPhone users and are also Chromebook users. The Chromebook can run almost any app in the Google Play app store. You can also go into developer mode to install ANY app, even if it is
    not in the Google Play store. This opens the door to Android software for everybody. You’ll have to wipe your Chromebook and start from scratch should you
    reconsider the security of third-party Android software.
    To turn his Chromebook into a "PC", Drew uses Debian Linux running in its own “Container”, similar to a virtual machine. Chrome OS,
    Android, and Linux all have their own file systems, and Google did a great job making files accessible everywhere. Drew will demonstrate productivity software such as Libre Office, Thunderbird/Betterbird email, photo editing, note taking, games,
    password management, and browsers such as Brave, Edge, and Firefox.
    • This Months Speaker: discussion led by Drew

At present, Drew lives in Sarasota FL with his dog Abby, and
owns his own consulting company, “King Consulting”. He assists people with their dysfunctional computers, networks, and smart homes. He joined the Sarasota Technology Users Group in 2022 and joined the board of directors in 2023. Drew has also served on the board of directors of the Boston Network Users Group for the past 30+ years.
Drew graduated from high school in Chestnut Hill Ma where is
earned honors in photography, played varsity tennis, and began his career in computers in his high school computer club where he contributed to the assembly of a small computer from a company named Sinclair. Drew continued his education at Alfred University in New York, earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science. While attending Alfred University, Drew joined the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity where he served as Treasurer in his senior year. Many of Drew’s friends today are those he made while at ZBT. Drew’s first job after graduating in 1988 was at a small computer company where he learned how to build and repair computers, and local area networks from a company called Novell. He also taught computer classes.

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Our Next Meeting Will Be Held on: Tuesday May 7, 2024

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